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Ginger Wyatt Lee Frank

Allow me to introduce myself.  I have been an active miniaturist for 23 years, creating exquisite miniature porcelain.  This "business" is in a way my life, because I supported my family with this.  For years I have dreamed of a way to reach new budding miniaturists, possibly with an 800 number and a PO Box.  After talking to people for years, in March 2001 I decided to take action.  I called long time friend and fellow artist Phyllis Tucker "The Happy Unicorn" (crystal chandeliers) who immediately recommended Lee Frank, one of the authors (with wife Allie) of the book compiling artisans. One call led to another and before long the phone lines grew warm with our combined ideas - I must admit, computers were not my thing, (ask my sons) so Lee has had to field a lot of beginner's questions.  The 4 of us met over dinner with Phyllis and husband Richard.

The World of Miniatures was born as a web site with a physical address for those not having access to a computer.  Our mission is basically twofold.  First to acquaint the general public with our world, and give them speedy access to important data; and secondly, a compilation of shops in this country and abroad, along with museums, for those traveling to have access to a list with as many shops as possible.  Lee and I donate our time, we both believe in this venture and want to see it succeed.

For my own business, I find an antique piece of porcelain and then create it - making masters, molds, etc, trying to match the original --12 times smaller.  Often, because I china-paint a piece is fired 7-8 times to develop the color.  My work spans porcelain and other ceramic materials from the 6th century to the 1930’s, from the Orient, Europe, the British Isles, and America.  It includes unglazed (statues), blue and white, applied designs, raised designs, and my favorite-china painting.  I am also branching out into limited edition ormolu (gold and porcelain), and very limited editions of room boxes.  I have two grown sons, and two loves of my life, Hank (grandson) and Cinnamon (dog).  I love to design, decorate, landscape in general create.  

Lee and Allie Frank have been collecting miniatures since the late 1960’s when Allie inherited her Mother’s miniature collection.  It was the late 70’s before they realized others also had a liking for miniatures.  In 1983 they attended their first NAME Regional in Minneapolis, and then another NAME Regional in Williamsburg, VA a couple of years later.  Lee took some workshops at Williamsburg and afterwards he and Allie created their “Library Parlour” which contains 215 miniature books by Barbara Raheb.  The next year with the help of Phyllis Tucker and a huge chandelier she designed for the project, they created “Musical Reflections.”  It utilizes mirrored glass to create an infinity of reflections.  These two room boxes were featured in Nutshell News and Miniatures Showcase.  During the 1980’s they were exhibited in New York City, Atlanta, and New Orleans.  Allie served on the NAME board, and Lee was the Minnesota State Representative for NAME from 1988 through 1992.

In 1989 Lee and Allie began to inventory their miniature collection, and realized it was very important to know who made the miniature pieces.  Talking to other collectors at shows they realized everyone needed this information and that no documented information was available.  They decided to write a booklet that would benefit all of those who had a love for miniatures.  The project took 5 years and grew into publishing a hard cover 550 page book containing hallmarks and other detailed information on 880 miniature artisans, worldwide. http://www.alminiatures.com 

They have three children and eleven grandchildren, who all live within 45 minutes of their home.  They feel very fortunate having their family so close, and they all spend lots of time together.

Lee now does webmaster work for a number of non-profit organizations.  He and Ginger Wyatt started “World of Miniatures” in March 2001, with the sole purpose of attracting new people into the miniature hobby.


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