There are basically five (5) kinds of miniature shows

1)      WHOLESALE ONLY-- C.I.M.T.A.-Cottage Industry Miniature Trade Association. Open to the trade only

Two (2) shows a year, January in Las Vegas, Nevada; June in Washington, D. C. Please contact C.I.M.T.A. for more information, there is a link to C.I.M.T.A. under "Organizations" on this web site.

Also, while researching this article, I found that Tom Bishop has a WHOLESALE show listed on his web site. Dates March 31, April 1, 2, 2006 in Chicago. I have no further details, please contact Tom Bishop at 561-434-6622, or go to

2)      RETAIL WITH NO PRE-REGISTRATION - Shows held all over the world by a variety of promoters, with  the one theme of miniatures. Admission fee charged. Sometimes the gate from the show goes to a designated charity. Shows can be 1 day; 1 1/2 days; 2 days; 2 1/2 days. Sometimes there is a pre-registered workshop for the day (s) before the show, please check with the promoter listed on the show site on this web site. There may also be a preview party for collectors before the show opens to the general public. Often artisans will fly to attend a show, so you may be able to see 30-100 dealer artisans from all over  the globe. Many times miniature artisans make pieces for retail only, so they are not found anywhere else. (Comment- a number of artisans and hand crafters have their own web site now.) There is usually food available for lunch.

Two (2) of the miniature promoters in the U. S. who are dedicated to furthering our hobby by promoting shows all over the world are: Tom Bishop, 10528 Oak Meadows Lane, Lake Worth, Florida. Telephone 561-434-6622 and fax 561-434-6159, web site- (Tom has been in the business of miniatures for over 30 years.); and Molly Cromwell, 4701 Duncan Drive, Annandale, Virginia 22003. Telephone 703-978-5353, web site (Molly has been in the miniature business for 25 years). Molly is adding tours and a cruise to her festival list.(See 5) for more information about the cruise and the tours.

3)      I.G.M.A.-- International Guild of Miniature Artisans- the top artisans in the world create beautiful pieces for this show. It is held once a year in New York in late April. Admission fee charged. Workshops the day (s) before the show, so to "shows" section on the home page for more information. This is one show with exquisite pieces and artisans from around the globe.

The other function for I.G.M.A. each year is Castine, Maine, a week with the top artists teaching you their special items. Held in June, see "shows" on the home page of this web site.

4)      NAME--National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts.


Most NAME shows are first come first served, most shows also have a "public time" during the show for the general public. For further information about NAME please see "shows" on the home page of this web site under "Organizations", check the Gazette (the NAME publication), or go to, e-mail or call (800) 571-6263

      A). Mini weekends--none of the show list now

      B).  State Days, often held in a small college, community center, etc. Costs generally $25-$100 for 1-2 days of buying, making, and enjoying miniatures with friends. Pre-registered, space is often limited to first come.  State Days often have a theme, may have food functions, souvenirs.

      C). Three (3) Day House Parties, pre-registered, similar to State Days, except slightly more expensive and longer. Limited to 250-300 registrants.

      D). National Convention--Held in a different city each year, 2005 was in Pittsburgh, PA, at the Hilton Pittsburgh & Towers, 600 Commonwealth Place, Gateway Center. First come first served, based on postmark of the application. The show officially is open July 21st to July 24th. There are tours and workshops in the days before the show- see calendar for NAME at the end of July on the Shows list (on the front page of this site)

Seventy five dealers are picked according to their specialty and to guarantee a wide selection of miniatures at the show.  Seven hundred participants spend days together. There are exhibits by registrants, luncheons, a dinner, round table workshops, souvenirs, house party helpers, table centerpieces, Saturday night there is usually a "theme night out at the show". Public days are Saturday and Sunday. This show is a chance to talk to miniaturists from all over the world, to form lasting friendships, and to experience no raised eyebrows about what can be held in the palm of your hand.

       E). Tours/Cruises--Molly Cromwell is escorting tours- September 2005 (filled) to England and the Birmingham Miniatura Show. For 2006 April- Holland and Arnhem Doll House; June Scotland and the Scottish Miniatura, September England again, December 2006 a German Cruise to Christmas Stalls. Most of her tours are limited to 20 participants, however there may be more room on the German Cruise. For more information see the "show" list on the home page of this web site, call Molly at 703-978-5353, or go to

Baltic Cruise- Copenhagen, Denmark, aboard the Holland American Lines, ms Westerdam. For information please contact 1-800-876-6664.

We at hope you find a show in your locality that reflects your wants and needs.

Please remember that no shop can carry all of any artists work, and we as artisans spend roughly 2-3 days per year in that locality, so it is my feeling that shops- open a lot- and shows where the public gets to know individual artisans, need to work together to better serve our buying public.