April and Ron Gill's Autobiography

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In a time long ago, and far away, Ron and I would visit my parents and always have to see what Mom, Ruth Cavanaugh, was doing to her dollhouse or what she had just made for it. We would always tell her how "cute" it was, all the while wondering to ourselves if she was losing it! At that time we lived in the real world, owning a pet store and a wedding flower business. Ruth came to us one day and asked us if we would please carry miniatures in just one little corner of the shop. So much for the real world! Little by little the miniatures took over more of our lives.

Our world now is miniature homes, shops and roomboxes in all scales. Two of our daughters also live in this world. Laura builds country painted furniture in one-inch scale, and Beth builds country painted furniture in -inch scale.

Ron and I became Artisans of IGMA in late 1983 and when we felt our work was good enough in 1991 we applied for IGMA Fellow and were honored with the cubes that same year. We also are members of NAME and have attended many nationals and regionals.

We are very happy to be part of two books, The Andrews Collection by Anne Day Smith, and Treasures In Miniatures by Jeanne Delgado, Mary Durland Fields, and Anne Day Smith, edited by Sybil Harp.

We are very proud that Jackie Andrews, Eileen Godfrey, Sarah Salisbury, and June Neher each have more than one "Wildwood" piece in their collections. Living in this world has helped us to look at the real world with all its detail a little differently. We have met and been befriended by some of the most wonderful people.

Reprinted from "A Reference Guide to Miniature Makers Marks" ISBN: 0-9644481-0-6


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