Ideas For Displaying Your Miniatures

Displaying your small scale treasures, antiques, and miniatures
can be a challenge.  Too many times we put them up rather
than keep them out and enjoy and share them.

Fellow miniaturists, some of these ideas are not complicated
because our purpose is to reach people who do not already know
about our hobby.  Invite your non-miniature friends to try a project
such as these shown below.

Please click on the picture to view it in full size.

"Relish Anyone"
Use small scale objects displayed on a full size
relish try.  A full size serving spoon
hangs from carrier.

"Marble on Marble"
A miniature marble table and cranberry
glass sit on a full size marble table with 
cranberry glass  & glass egg.
Items created by IGMA artisans.

"Gazebo on Bowl of Fruit"
A small Gazebo placed in a bowl of full
sized fruit, with a bear and antique
miniature accessories in it.

"Tiny Barrel"
This tiny barrel is filled with dried plants
and pumpkins.  A simple display for any location.

A collection of items usually found in the attic.

"The Attic"
Miniature Attic setting, similar to what many
of our attics look like. 

"Room with Stucco Walls"
An unfinished room to decorate with clay or
metal utensils, a coal bucket, fireplace
fender, rugs, tables, chairs etc. The
Possibilities are limitless.  A full size
Simplicity pattern is on the left section
of this room.

"Pirate's Cabin"
Mr. Pirate is sitting in his cabin looking at the
hundreds of things he and his shipmates have
stolen.  The Gulf South Miniature & Dollhouse
Event 1993 Theme was about Pirates.

"Lady in Bower with Chandelier"
The greenery at the base of this purchased
topiary was separated to allow placement
of the 6" doll, note the chandelier hanging
from the top of the topiary. Doll and
chandelier created by IGMA artisans.

"Basket of Dried Flowers"
This basket of dried flowers sits on a window
sill  with a dime leaning on it to show the scale.
These small objects can be tucked in almost
anywhere.  Might really be fun to place it
within a collection of full sized baskets.

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