Welcome to our world, most often 12 times smaller than reality. In miniature we can create the past, the present, or the future--a dream, a fantasy, or reality--the home you never purchased or built; a favorite memory from your childhood; the perfect Christmas room that doesn't have to be dusted and taken down each year; a sweet 16 party; a castle from a bleach bottle........The miniature you create can be a dollhouse, a vignette, an architectural model, a model of the house you plan to build, a room box, a printers tray, or a single item. You can spend almost nothing, a fortune, or somewhere in between. You can do all of the work yourself, or find someone to help, then buy accessories you can not build yourself. A vase can be placed in a copy of a Versailles room, a modest room box, or on your favorite Aunt's window sill with tiny flowers in it.

We are a group of people from many walks of life, in many different age brackets. Ours is a world often easier to manage than life size-many room boxes are built to fit into a bookcase. How many oil paintings can you put into a full-sized room??- in miniature build a 12" deep x 10"tall x 14" wide art studio and fill it with your paintings.

We welcome you and hope you join us. I think you will find out just how much fun we have and just how creative you can be.

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